Wall of prayers

In the virtual bulletin board of our Shrine in addition to leaving a prayer to Our Lady of the Crown, you can write down memories, thoughts, feelings and emotions that you experienced in your experience of pilgrimage.

Advised that, while giving everyone the freedom to express themselves leaving a written record of their passage on this page, the interventions included in this section of the site will be moderated to prevent inappropriate uses of this space dedicated to all the faithful in compliance with the privacy policy.

  1. Please pray for me in my misery of my job against mobbing and demage

    Eva Macak,
  2. Saint Mary,
    Please pray for my family, bring them health & happiness.
    Thank you!

    Anne Sharp,
  3. Saint Mary, I am asking for the healing of Matúš and the health of the whole family. Thank you

  4. Dear Mother , please blessed our days and our desires to see this holy place in Your Name , bless our journey so we can come and Glorify Name of our God together with You in place which You choose for us.


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