Opera Corona Messe

How did the initiative?

Many devoted to Our Lady of the Crown requested and ask to be remembered in prayer or remember their loved ones living or dead. To cope with the many demands arose the work “Crown Messe”.

What is it?

The Corona Opera Messe consists mainly in the daily celebration of the year and for all the time of a Mass at the shrine of the Crown, at 10:30 am, according to the intentions signaled by the members of the initiative.

What are the aims of the Opera?

Give the opportunity to those who wish to bring to the altar of the Crown their anniversaries and family events, the reasons for thanksgiving or intentions of supplication, the problems of physical or spiritual health, the trials and difficulties, anxieties and tribulations, mourning and votes.
Promoting fellowship and friendship between the Sanctuary and the subscribers, who are spiritually united in the celebration of the Holy Mass at 10:30 am, wherever they are, at home, at work, traveling, in the hospital, on vacation.
To assure the families of members and prayerful closeness discrete part of the Sanctuary.

How do I register?

By joining Crown Messe work at home you will receive a parchment certificate of association.
You can register in two ways:

  • paying the fee for an annual subscription or perpetual by postal order
  • completing the appropriate envelope available at the registration office of Messe sanctuary and paying the registration fee

Details and registration fees

You can make two types of membership: the annual and perpetual.
Annual membership is valid for one year from the date on which you sign up. It is for the living and for the dead or for other intentions. You can renew every year at the end of the deadline. The registration is valid for perpetual always beginning with the date on which you sign up. It is for the living and for the dead or for other intentions.
To register, applicants must:

  • communicate the name and surname of the person or family who want to enroll or report this prayer intention desired
  • make the payment for the registration of the offer that you want to accomplish (annual € 25,00 – € perpetual 250.00)
  • indicate the exact address of the person to whom you want it to be sent the parchment enrollment Opera Corona Mass