The Sanctuary is open all over the year. You can attend religious celebrations everyday. Every Sunday at 3 pm prayer meeting with Holy Rosary.


The pilgrimage is an act of faith to be accomplished periodically. The devotees can customize their trip to make this occasion every time different and richer.

Our magazine

The new issue of our magazine is released every two months. Subscribing to it, you can give concrete help to the Sanctuary.


Your role as devotee is important to give us a concrete sign of your support. You can make a free offer sending a postal order or through “Corona Opera Messe”.

Maria, affido a te questo anno di scuola che tu sai quanto sia particolare e importante. Affido anche ogni bambino/a, ogni famiglia, ogni collega, ogni nostro passo, desiderio, fatica e gioia. E ti supplico, intervieni affinché Lui ci venga in soccorso per le ferite nell’anima. Guarisci noi!